boisterous eremite.

Aaron Matteson | Minotaur/Asterion

Other Job / Day Job:

Writer / Call Center Rep


Most Recent Production (Last Seen In):

Richard II


Did you grow up with fairy tales? What were your favorites?


Yeah, though to be honest I don't really remember the days when I would have favorites. I loved the Disney version of The Prince and the Pauper... when I grew up and saw it again I was shocked it was less than 30 minutes long. As a kid I thought it was so epic and intense, I was pretty sure it was definitely 3 or 4 hours long. Mickey, Donald and Goofy (plus noble British Mickey) kicking ass was everything I wanted.

How familiar were you with the minotaur myth before working on this production?


Only moderately... the broad strokes. There are details in the plays that I've seen realized are part of the myth.

Do you find it challenging to combine different writing styles with playing the same character?


For me, the writing styles inform what type of character it is—and so it's somewhat easier, though the root archetypal character is the same, since we've got very different iterations of this guy that we're presenting. But it is interesting to take a story on in these different ways and see those moments where there's a connecting thread, where the mythological bones kind of show through.

What side of you will your friends and family see that might be unexpected?


As the Minotaur, much like Walter White, I AM the danger. Hopefully people who know me will see at least a bit more of that than they might normally expect to come out of me... even in a play.

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