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By sburbank, May 11 2014 01:27PM

Jeff Fisher is being quoted on his organization's drafting of Michael Sam thusly: "In a world of diversity that we live in, I'm honored to be a part of this."

Look, I'm glad he was drafted; I applaud the St. Louis Rams (and the NFL) for embracing this moment. But that's not what Fisher actually said, and the difference is instructive.

What Jeff Fisher said is this: "In a world of diversity that we live in now, I'm honored to be a part of this."

Now, Fisher is the good guy here, but the idea that diversity is new -- that gay / brown / female / fill-in-the-blank people have suddenly been invented, rather than systematically excluded from view and power -- is the point that marginalized people hold very dear.

Some who bear the historic markers of privilege think that we are demanding their apology for who they are. Not so, but the implicit cultural blindness in Fisher's (well-intentioned!) statement, the unspoken Oh, I didn't see you over there is why traditionally marginalized people seem to have a quick trigger.

The idea that bigotry is socially unacceptable -- even a firable offense -- is a very new idea; we're eager to ensure it is not a fad.

By sburbank, May 7 2014 12:35PM

Take a look at this article. Trust me it's short; I'll wait:

(If you couldn't be bothered...)

A new mobile app called Monkeyparking allows people in San Francisco with good parking spots to auction them off when they're ready to leave...

Some thoughts -- that's not good libertarian marketing, that's auctioning the rights to something that doesn't actually belong to you. You did not site, pave, or maintain that road -- you happened to be there when it was available and you needed it. Rather than exploiting an opportunity, it's piracy and, frankly, just being a douche.

But co-founder/spokesman of privilege Paolo Dobrowolny says: “It’s a fair business for anybody ... It’s not just for rich people. If you think you can get that money back when you leave that parking spot, you can earn back the money when you leave the spot.”

You'll always make your money back -- and you obviously have money to risk, right? Otherwise why would you have a car, faux poor person?

By that logic, casinos are a sound retirement plan. Oh -- wait -- that's actually a thing.

[via Boing Boing]

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