boisterous eremite.

Erin Salm | Pasiphae

Other Job / Day Job: Singer, Voiceover Artist, Host of The Haughty Nerdress, Admin. Assistant, Nanny


Most Recent Production (Last Seen In): Regular Performer at Our Bar with Project Theatre / Human Resources with Artistic New Directions

Did you grow up with fairy tales? What were your favorites?


I did. Initially I grew up with fairy tales from various written versions. To my parent's credit they were sure to see that I saw various animated versions of tales. I was also a big fan of Fairytale Theatre and The Storyteller as a kid. As I got older I moved further into SciFi and films and fantasy fiction not to mention, thanks to several friends at school, comic books. Now I host a podcast called The Haughty Nerdress because I still love and can't shut up about them.

How familiar were you with the minotaur myth before working on this production?


Well, I knew of the minotaur and the maze somewhat through storytelling and discussion. There's also a great version of it in The Storyteller called Theseus and the Minotaur with Michael Gambon as the narrator and a young David Morrisey (aka. The WalkingDead's the Governor) as Theseus. More recently Dr. Who had a great episode that focused on the Minotaur type creature itself called "The God Complex". Admittedly I haven't sat down and acquainted myself with Ovid's version of events. As to the Minotaur's origins, well, that was new to me but not surprising when considering other Greek myths like Leda and the Swan.

Do you find it challenging to combine different writing styles with playing the same character?


I'm familiar with working in and out of different styles and ways of speaking or approaching a character. I think what's most challenging is that the text of each play presents each actor with a slightly different set of characteristics and circumstances in the writing. Where in one play Pasiphae is relatively helpless and abused, she's abusive and very carelessly destructive in another. However, I approach each character and reasons for their goals and choices separately anyhow only with an eye of what I've been able to learn from one play and how it may/may not serve the character in another. There definitely is a through line in the order of the plays that at the very least has to feel apparent to the audience.

What side of you will your friends and family see that might be unexpected?


Um, well, I have an affair with a bull, so there's that. I don't know. I tend to wear my heart and flaws on my sleeve most of the time, I'd be terrible at poker, so I don't know that there's any emotional place they won't recognize to some degree. Most of drama and comedy is taking feelings or situations we all relate to and heightening them somehow right. Although merely heightening is kind of an understatement for this family I suppose.

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