boisterous eremite.

James Ware | Theseus

Hometown: Columbia, SC


Most Recent Production (Last Seen In): Richard III

Did you grow up with fairy tales? What were your favorites?


I grew up reading and hearing stories of mythology. My favorite were stories of Pygmalion, Psyche and of the Trojan war. Achilles was my favorite of the heroes, flawed in his rage but devoted in his love.

How familiar were you with the minotaur myth before working on this production?


Extremely familiar. Poor Theseus, responsible for his father's death because he could not pull himself away from his joy of victory.

Do you find it challenging to combine different writing styles with playing the same character?


No, in fact the different styles allow much freedom by not chaining the actor to outdated views.

What side of you will your friends and family see that might be unexpected?


I am a man of honor bound to tradition, respectful in my approach and ferocious in my stand for doing what's right. They will see a difference.

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