boisterous eremite.

Michael Criscuolo | Minos

Most Recent Production (Last Seen In):

Maggie Cino's "Decompression"

at FringeNYC 2012

Did you grow up with fairy tales? What were your favorites?


I didn't grow up with much fairy tale exposure beyond the usual amount that all kids, I assume, get when they're growing up. So, no particular favorites for me, unless you want to count the one-stop-fairy-tale shopping provided by "Into the Woods," which I absolutely loved as a young, budding thespian.

How familiar were you with the minotaur myth before working on this production?


I had a surface level of familiarity with the minotaur myth beforehand, but as I delved deeper into the story—hat tip to Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" for the refresher course—I saw there was obviously A LOT more to it than I thought.

Do you find it challenging to combine different writing styles with playing the same character?


Yes, but I find it challenging in the best possible way. It's the kind of challenge I like. It's fun to find three different ways to play the same character. The distinct writing styles make it possible to be funny, over the top, and a little bit kitchen sink-style grungy, all in the same show. I love it.

What side of you will your friends and family see that might be unexpected?


My friends and family have seen me do everything at this point, so I don't know how much more I can surprise them. The most unexpected thing might be seeing me in a tank top undershirt, but now I've gone and spoiled that one. My girlfriend, on the other hand, hasn't seen me on stage yet, so that will be interesting. Hopefully, she'll still respect me afterwards.

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