boisterous eremite.

Mikalena Kenyon | Ariadne

Hometown: Suffern, NY


Other Job / Day Job: Bookmonger at Neue Galerie Book Store

Did you grow up with fairy tales? What were your favorites?


I had this really beautiful copy of Beauty and the Beast illustrated by Hilary Knight as a kid that I absolutely loved. I loved that version especially because it was so stunning to look at—I would try to copy the pictures—but I also liked that story the best out of all the sort of "classic" Disney-fied kids' stories because the female protagonist was someone I related to and looked up to. She's a dreamer and a bit of an oddball, and becomes a captive not because of her own helplessness but because of her selflessness and love for others. And, of course, she goes for the weirdo recluse instead of the town heartthrob who, in any other story, would have been the hero.


I also have very fond memories of my dad reading aloud the shortest, most morbid Grimm's' Fairytales he could find and almost peeing my pants laughing.

How familiar were you with the minotaur myth before working on this production?


I went through a fairly intense mythology phase around 5th grade and read everything I could get my hands on then, but hadn't really revisited the minotaur myth since then. Fortunately (?), I remember things I read in elementary school more clearly than most of the things I read in college, so I still had a pretty solid recollection of the story's main events.

Do you find it challenging to combine different writing styles with playing the same character?


It's really three different characters. Ariadne's function plot-wise is basically the same in all three plays, but the three playwrights have built three very different human beings around that skeleton. But yes, it's definitely a challenge to get a handle on all three and (hopefully!) make each one distinct and believable, and then switch from one to another within just a couple of minutes. I'm getting nervous answering this question, actually. This is going to be hard.



What side of you will your friends and family see that might be unexpected?


I spend a lot of time being upset and raising my voice, which are not really things I do in real life. And people who've known me for a while might find it kind of funny that, now in my twenties, I finally get to play a teenager.

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